Where to watch Boston university sailing?

where to watch boston university sailing

This week we honor senior skipper and newly chosen Coed Team Captain Ben Greenfield with title of Sailor of the Week. This previous weekend Ben sailed at the Harry Anderson Trophy helping the Terriers to position 6th in A divsion and 13th overall. Where to watch Boston university sailing? Ben has actually been a devoted member of the Coed and Team Race Teams. Congratulations Ben!

Where to watch Boston university sailing?

Where to watch Boston university sailing

Alex Bancalari (‘ 13) and Ben Greenfield (‘ 11) at MIT

Weight? Somewhere between 165-170 pounds

School? College of Arts and Sciences/ School of Education

Major? Physics/ Secondary Ed.

Where are you from? Providence RI

Where did you find out or mature sailing? Saunderstown Y.C., Narragansett Bay RI

Who has had the most influence on your sailing profession? Absolutely my coach from junior cruising. He started coaching me when I was simply starting to skipper and thought I knew everything. However he put me in line and revealed me how to really race boats.

Do you choose skippering or crewing? Skippering 100%.

What is your favorite college boat? Its a toss-up in between 420s and FJs, it depends on the location. You can’t beat a 420 in breeze …

What is your preferred college location? MIT, its not my favorite part of the river, however you can’t beat its facilities and close proximity to the racecourse. And its soooo close to BU.

What were the most extreme conditions you’ve ever cruised in? The 2nd day of the 2010 NETR Champs had pretty huge breeze and huge waves, but primarily it was just a really high strength regatta with every race coming down to the wire.

What is your preferred cruising move? Wing-to-Wing gybes, they just feel truly smooth when the timing is all right.

What is your favorite Coach Brad Churchill-ism? Breeze, Buoys, Boats.

If you could pick another unique fruit to give the rivals at the Women’s President’s Trophy hosted at BU every spring, what would you pick? Its a toughy, but most likely a square watermelon (check it out), its a cool twist on the standard watermelon that everyone loves, and far more space effective!

In spite of bleak weather forecast of impending tropical storm conditions from the weakening Hurricane Earl, the BUDS stayed steadfast and refused to cancel the regatta. After a late start at noon on Saturday, sailors pushed off the dock around 1:00 PM and rapidly reacquainted themselves with the BU FJs prior to the first signal.

7 races, each lasting about fifteen minutes, were operated on a 2 lap windward-leeward course with an offset and gate. A strong westerly wind varying from 12-25kts produced very some exciting races with very abrupt, strong shifts that baffled even the very best. Needless to state, the RC had the benefit of witnessing some very amusing wipeouts.

When the RC stopped at 3:45 PM the standings saw Ryan Pesch(‘ 12)/ Sarah Whalen(‘ 10) in first place, Matt Johnson(‘ 12)/ Brenna Malloy(‘ 10) in 2nd place, and Danny Rabin(‘ 98)/ Kerry Sullivan(‘ 08) in third location. Danny Rabin(‘ 98)/ Kerry Sullivan(‘ 08) likewise won the first place All Alumni boat!

Races were run by Ben Greenfield(‘ 11) and Fiona Gordon(‘ 12) with help from Jake Waldman(‘ 13), Catherine Droser(‘ 13) and Alejandra Higgins(‘ 13) in a support boat. After racing, the wet and tired sailors were satisfied at the boathouse with beverages and pizza thanks to Head Coach Bradley Churchill. Thanks once again to all alumni who came and we intend to see a lot more of you next year!

The summertime season has just gotten under way, and many existing BUDS and alumni have be caught out on the water soaking in the sun!

On May 22-23, Severn Sailing Association hosted the 2010 V15 Mid Atlantics in Annapolis, MD. Although Memorial Day Week induced discouraging “bumpy” conditions from the leisure boat traffic, the RC was able to leave 8 races in the light breeze. A few Terriers were present for the little occasion for 12 boats including Tricia Walker (‘ 04), Kyle Assad (‘ 06), and Janel Zarkowsky (‘ 09). Take a look at the outcomes here!

The winning Team Indecisive standing beside among the MIT Lynx Catboats utilized in the finals.

Likewise, on June 12-13, MIT Sailing hosted the 2010 Charles River Open in Boston, MA. The occasion boasted 30 teams and 180 getting involved sailors. Although there was light, variable winds and erratic rain throughout the weekend, the RC still got off over 225 races, utilizing 2 courses, 18 Harvard FJ’s, 18 MIT FJ’s, and 6 MIT Lynx Catboats! There were numerous Terriers present for the massive event including Coach Bradley Churchill (mark boat and group support), Ben Spiller (‘ 09), Veronica White (‘ 09), Janel Zarkowsky (‘ 09), Max Bent (‘ 10), Alison Bittl (‘ 10), Gordon Mack (‘ 10), Anna Miniutti (‘ 10), Sarah Whalen (‘ 10), Tripp Cashel (‘ 11), Ben Greenfield (‘ 11), Rebecca Bar (‘ 12), Jackie Conese (‘ 12), Fiona Gordon (‘ 12), Matt Johnson (‘ 12), and Lalitha Kumaresan (‘ 12). And among our own, team Alison Bittl (‘ 10), belonged to the winning Team Indecisive with Matt Duggan (RWU ’09), Brian Kamilar (BC ’09), Adrienne Patterson (SMU ’06), Baker Potts (Tufts ’09), and Keisha Pearson (SMU ’09) along with aid from Cardwell Potts (Harvard ’04) and John Storck (HWS ’05). Congratulations Alie! Take a look at the outcomes here!