Pixel 4 to receive update quickly to fix screen revitalize issues

Pixel 4 to receive update quickly to fix screen revitalize issues

While the Pixel 4 received a lot of buzz pre-announcement, now that it’s actually available in the market, users have been posting some complaints and problems about it. There have been some battery capacity concerns, a face unlock problem that “works” even with your eyes closed, and now the screen revitalize rates that are confusing to everyone utilizing the phone already. Google knows the problems and now they’re assuring a software application update that must solve or a minimum of clarify a few of these concerns.

The supposed Smooth Show that features the Pixel 4 has actually not been smooth cruising at all. According to The Brink, some Redditors were seeing the refresh rates of their gadgets go down to 60 Hz when the screen brightness is listed below 75%. Some who were checking it out also found that the refresh rate might remain up at 90 GHz at lower brightness levels if it discovers that the ambient lighting in the room isn’t enough.

Google originally said that the phone changes the refresh rate depending on what you’re doing on the screen due to the fact that they want to enhance your battery life, especially if you’re mobile. They now discuss that they set the refresh rate to 60 Hz in some conditions like when you turn on the battery saver mode, when you view particular video content like those contended 24 or 30 frames per 2nd, and naturally numerous brightness or ambient conditions.

The good news is that they’re now working on an update that need to enable the refresh rate of 90 Hz in more brightness conditions. This update must be arriving “in the coming weeks”. Pixel 4 owners would be grateful for that if just they didn’t even need an update in the first location and Google ought to have just repaired that prior to the gadget struck the market.

And speaking of fixing things that need to not have been broken, Pixel 4 owners should also expect an upgrade in the next months or two that will need you to have your eyes open when unlocking your gadget. We’re uncertain whose dazzling idea it was to still have your gadget unlock even when your eyes are closed but we hope they’ve discovered their lesson.

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