Lagom’s series of acetate watches strike a perfect balance in between details and pureness

Born and raised in Stockholm, and having lived in Hong Kong for the last 8 years, the creator of ALLISDONE Studio pertained to value the Scandinavian and oriental life-lessons of living in moderation and having a balanced life. This long-lasting pursuit and gratitude of “Lagom”, Swedish for “not excessive, not too little”, found its way into all the work ALLISDONE Studio found themselves doing, even their most current series of watches that are aptly branded Lagom too.

Lagom’s series of watches highlight 2 carefully selected products … the stainless steel case, and an unique acetate face that’s sourced from one of Italy’s oldest acetate artisans collectives. The watch’s style checks out the concept of ‘lagom’, with details that offer it a structured symmetry and a well balanced style. The watch, a testament to Swedish and Hong Kong cultures, doesn’t use numbers, however rather relies on markings that make it easy to read no matter where you originate from, or which language is belonging to you. Having matured in Stockholm, along the coast of the Baltic Sea, and Hong Kong, an archipelago surrounded by the South China Sea, maritime recommendations find their way to the watch’s style too, with wave details crafted into the watch’s acetate face. Lagom’s watches source their acetate from Mazzucchelli 1849, a tradition business covering six generations of acetate craftsmanship. The watches come with a date window at the 3 o’clock position, including a little ‘more’ to the ‘not excessive, not insufficient’ watch’s style, and stabilizing its visual and performance out beautifully. A Swiss Ronda Quartz 515 movement powers the watch, while Lagom’s battery offers it 36 months of usage. Last but not least, premium double-sided Italian leather straps assist the Lagom sit throughout your wrist, not just informing time, however informing its unique story of small amounts and balance too!

Designer: ALLISDONE Studio

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LAGOM Watches– Swedish Handcrafted Acetate Watches

ALLISDONE style studio presents the 2nd collection of LAGOM Watches– Sjö. A watch with an uniquely patterned acetate external case; spreading their balanced, fuss-free life viewpoint to the world.

Collection Motivation

Daniel, the co-founder, was mostly raised by his grandpa who worked in the shipbuilding market in Sweden. Unsurprisingly, he invested lots of time cruising around with his grandpa when he was a kid, and this is where he fell in love with the ocean and the vessels who cruise on it.

A ship’s control board serves as the design motivation for among the dial styles in the Sjö collection.

The blue acetate signifies the ocean, and the unique pattern on the acetate pieces mimics the waves of the sea. They can be calm however quickly become raving; similar to the ups and downs of our everyday live.

Daniel matured in a traditional Swedish household and no matter how hectic the family members were, they invested great deals of time together. However when he relocated to Hong Kong, Daniel was separated from his family and he discovered himself alone. To advise himself of all those valuable minutes, he provided the watch the bolded strokes on the 5-10- hour marks, representing 17: 00 to 22: 00 at night.

Product & Craftsmanship

They have sourced the acetate from Mazzucchelli 1849, an Italian company that has actually existed for centuries. Every acetate piece is laser cut and polished by experienced watchmakers. The quartz motion is from Swiss Ronda, it features a battery that will last for a minimum of 36 months. The premium leather strap is from Italy.

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