Italy gets new union as legal representatives target ex-minister Salvini

Italy gets new union as legal representatives target ex-minister Salvini

New Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese (L) sworn in, as PM Giuseppe Conte (R) looks on, 5 Sep 19 Image copyright

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New Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese (L) is sworn in as PM Giuseppe Conte (R) searches.

Italy’s new populist-centre left federal government has been appointed amid legal relocations versus the ousted right-wing Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini.

District attorneys introduced a libel fit versus Mr Salvini on behalf of migrant rescuer Carola Rackete. She ignored Mr Salvini’s order to keep her charity ship of Italian waters.

And a mayor who defied Mr Salvini by sheltering migrants in the southern town of Riace saw his restriction raised.

An independent has changed Mr Salvini.

She is Luciana Lamorgese, a career civil servant and migration expert. She is expected to bring Italy closer to its EU partners on immigration, ending Mr Salvini’s strident project against the charity ships saving migrants off Libya.

The brand-new federal government has 10 ministers from populist party 5 star (M5S) and 9 from the centre-left Democratic Celebration (PD), with independent Giuseppe Conte staying prime minister.

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Three of the seven women ministers (L-R): Paola Pisano (technological development); Paola De Micheli (transport); Luciana Lamorgese (interior).

With an average age of 47, the federal government is the youngest in Italian history. And seven of the 21 ministers are ladies.

5 Star and the PD have long been political rivals, however settled on a coalition after Mr Salvini’s League tried to require a breeze election, encountering Mr Conte.

‘ Avoid quarrel with Brussels’

The coalition must still win confidence votes in the Chamber of Deputies (lower house) and Senate (upper house) on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. It is anticipated to win both, though it has just a slim majority in the Senate.

Mr Salvini is bitterly vital of the EU, accusing the bloc of letting Italy become “Europe’s refugee camp”. But the brand-new EU Affairs Minister, Vincenzo Amendola, stated “the celebrations in this government will do their utmost not to quarrel with Brussels, not to have pointless battles or rows”.

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Media caption Carola Rackete: People are frightened on these boats

In the last few years Italy, like Greece, has struggled to deal with migrant boats sailing from North Africa or Turkey.

They are on the front line of the crisis, as people-smuggling gangs make use of migrants frantically getting away war or dire poverty.

Case versus Salvini

District Attorneys in Rome are acting upon a problem by Carola Rackete accusing Mr Salvini of carrying out a character assassination against her German non-governmental organisation, Sea-Watch.

The prosecutors are requesting seizure of Mr Salvini’s social media accounts. He is a prolific user of Twitter and Facebook.

The lawsuit concerns Salvini expressions such as “prohibited and outlawed organisation”, “pirate ship”, “accomplices of smugglers and traffickers”, and “lawbreakers”.

Mr Salvini countered on Twitter, saying (in Italian): “Knocked by a German communist, a trafficker of immigrants, who rammed a finance guards motor launch: a medal for me! I’ll never ever quit.”

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Mr Salvini presents for a selfie with an advocate in Taormina, Sicily.

Italian media report that by mid-May Mr Salvini had invested simply 17 days at the interior ministry given that the start of the year.

A court in Locri meanwhile revoked the ban enforced on Riace mayor Domenico Lucano, well-known throughout Italy for having invited migrants to his town.

He was put under house arrest and then expelled in October 2018, today he can return to Riace.

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