Agent: Antonio Brown Will “Make It Work” With Approved Helmet

Agent: Antonio Brown Will “Make It Work” With Approved Helmet

While Antonio Brown is waiting on a ruling on his second complaint versus the NFL regarding his helmet, Raider fans are anxiously waiting to see what Brown will do if he loses the appeal.

But, for what it’s worth, it sounds like the helmet circus may finally be concerning an end. According to Brown’s agent, this time AB will remain with the group and use an authorized helmet if he is denied his out-of-date helmet as soon as again.

Particularly, this is what Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN on Wednesday:

“[Antonio] is figured out to play this year, and what we’re attempting to do is get him in the most safe equipment possible. He believes, and our company believe that the helmet he has used for 9 years, he’s had unequaled production throughout those nine years, that it’s necessary for us to continue with that helmet because that it is what has kept him safe.

We comprehend these brand-new guidelines. We hear on the screening and we’re not contesting it. That may be excellent for every single other gamer, however this is something that has worked so well for him and we want to keep that consistency which security.

We’ll exhaust that process however, if it doesn’t exercise, so be it. At least we can state we tried whatever possible, and he’ll move forward and make it deal with an authorized helmet.”

After a motivating statement like that, it’s all smooth cruising from here … right?


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